Wire EDM

Using five high-tech wire EDM machines in different configurations, CST offers a wide range of possibilities. Years of experience in a variety of markets has resulted in the know-how to determine which processing strategy guarantees efficient and accurate components. Custom Special Tools delivers quality, whether these components are relatively uncomplicated or high-tech, from mm to µm.

The principle:

A reeling brass wire forms the electrode. This wire is guided straight through two slides over and under the component. A CNC control unit can move these two slides independently, steering the wire through the product (maximum wire angle to vertical is 15°).

A requirement is that the envisaged outline is linear to enable the wire to run through the material in a straight line, producing very precise products. The fact that the wire wears during the EDM machining requires the wire to be renewed by reeling at a constant speed. A variety of wire diameters can be used, depending upon the application. Diameters vary from Ø0.07 to Ø0.30mm.

Using five axes in total, angular lines can be formed, resulting in flexibility in designing products. Custom Special Tools is able to machine material up to a thickness of 600mm. The achievable accuracy is down to 0.002mm at a surface roughness of 0.15 Ra. This accuracy depends upon:
• Substrate material
• The geometry
• Height of the component

We like to participate in the design stage in order to improve the manufacturability and add functionality, and to reduce production costs to deliver a competitive product.

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