High-frequency Milling

When machining is required on specific materials (i.e. hardened steels) and/or when respecting residual stresses in the material in high precision components with micro details, high-frequency milling is one of the better solutions. The high rotation speed, combined with specific machining strategies, enables fast and accurate machining. By robotically integrating the loading and unloading of the milling centres, Custom Special Tools is able to produce 24/7.

Electrode machining

Custom Special Tools is very well equipped for the machining of EDM electrodes in copper or graphite alloys. Using our Erowa clamping system, the cell produces the electrodes at a very high quality level for our own use, but also (as a service) for our customers. If required, the full scope from raw material up to fully-inspected and documented electrodes can be delivered.

Please check with our staff for the possibilities.

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