EDM general

EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) or spark erosion is one of the specialties within Custom Special Tools. We employ three EDM processes:
1. Wire EDM
2. Die sink EDM
3. Start hole drilling

EDM is an electrothermic process that can be used on almost any electrically conductive material, independent of the material's hardness. High-frequency electrical power is generated and applied to the electrode (a freeform shape for die sink EDM and a wire for wire EDM). This high frequency power causes electron bombardment of the substrate material, removing small amounts of material in the shape of the electrode. EDM is done using a dielectric fluid for cooling and flushing purposes.

Advantages of EDM:
• The machining process does not cause any mechanical forces to the substrate, enabling machining without causing stress in the component
• Almost any conductive material can be machined
• Material hardness does not influence the process
• Complex and fragile geometries can be produced
• The process is very accurate: tolerances of ±0.002 mm can be achieved (depending on the geometry)
• Reproducibility is very reliable
• The affected zone is very minute
• A surface roughness of 0.15 Ra can be achieved

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