Die sink EDM

Custom Special Tools has a total of three high-tech die sinking spark erosion machines in various sizes. The machines are equipped with automatic product and tool changing systems, which results in optimum capacity occupation, flexibility and attractive lead times.

Die sinking is in general characterised as a laborious and time-consuming process. Through our wide experience, we can often provide pioneering solutions. Our way of working distinguishes us and enables us to manufacture cleverly, quickly and accurately.

The principle:
In die sink EDM, an electrode is needed that usually has the contra-geometry of the desired shape. The electrode geometry determines the final shape accuracy that can be achieved. Electrodes may be made from various conductive materials. The most common materials are graphite and copper. Specific electrode properties are needed for each material and each geometric specification. The range of processing strategies and electrode possibilities is numerous.

We manufacture all the electrodes needed in house, making use of a specially-developed high frequency milling machine. The electrodes are clamped with an Erowa clamp system, so that the necessary accuracy between electrode production and the die sinking process is guaranteed.

The best tolerance that can be achieved is 0.005 mm and the best final roughness is 0.20 Ra.
The feasibility of these tolerances depends on a number of factors.
• Material type to be processed
• The geometry
• Dimensions

We are glad to participate in the design phase, in which manufacturability, functionality and costs can be assessed in order to reach the desired result.

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